9 Best iPhone Calculator Tricks You Didn’t Know Your Phone Was Capable Of

Few apps are more useful than the iPhone’s native Calculator app. You could just use it to solve simple math problems, never knowing all the tricks it is capable of. That’s why we’re rounding up the best hidden iPhone calculator tricks you might not know about.

You’ll learn how to copy recent results, erase whole numbers (instead of one at a time), and unlock the scientific calculator. While it can help you calculate tips and take care of small financial needs here and there, you’ll have to head to the internet for the big guns. Get financial help with three of the best free online finance calculators.

This guide will help you unlock hidden calculator tricks. Maybe you already know some of them, but you might also find some surprises. Scroll down for the top 10 calculator tips and tricks for the iPhone.

1. Fix errors with a simple swipe

So you type a long number, but you make a mistake. You sigh in frustration, knowing you’ll have to delete everything and start over.

In fact you don’t have to do that. You can delete a single number you just typed by swiping your finger across the number display.

It doesn’t matter if you swipe right to left or left to right. Move your finger horizontally on the screen to delete the last digit entered. You can even slip various times to get rid of the different numbers, one by one. Pleasant.

2. Hold buttons to save time

Most of us will do one thing at a time when using a calculator. Suppose you want to multiply 12 by 12. You will probably type 12, move your finger to X, type 12 again, and then press the = sign. These four separate actions only take about 10 seconds. What if you could cut that time in half?

Get this: You can just hold down the X button while typing the two numbers you want to multiply. So you can type 12, hold down the X button and type 12 with another finger. The answer will appear automatically. You won’t have to press the = sign. This also applies to the other buttons. Try it and save time! (Or just impress a friend with your new party trick.)

3. Calculate from Spotlight search on your iPhone

You don’t even need to open the calculator app to access it. On your home screen, you will see the Spotlight Search widget. Tap it, then type two numbers to add, subtract or multiply.

Here is an example :

This is great when you’re pressed for time or have too many apps open and don’t want to find the calculator.

4. You can even copy and paste numbers

This one is a no-brainer. You might be thinking, “Duh!” Well, since it’s so simple, it’s also easy to forget.

That’s why we remind you: if you want to copy a calculation, just press and hold the number. A little Copy option will appear, like this:

Then you can copy and paste it wherever you want.

5. You can even HEAR the numbers

If you want your iPhone to say a number out loud, just press and hold the number. (You may need to double-tap it.) A menu bar will appear. Faucet Talk hear a voice say the numbers out loud.

Do not you see it ? You probably have Speak selection disabled. You can activate this option with just a few clicks.

Find it by going to Settings > Accessibility > Speak Contents > Speak selection.

6. Unlock Scientific Calculator

Open your iPhone’s calculator app and you won’t see any way to perform advanced calculations.

To discover a whole new world of mathematical possibilities, rotate your phone to landscape mode. You will see a ton of new symbols. You can search for square roots, find logarithms, and perform all sorts of advanced equations.

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Maybe the options you see above are not enough for you. Maybe you need another type of calculation. Well, you’re in luck.

7. Find more calculations

There is a 2nd button on scientific calculator. Press it to unlock even After math options. We’ve circled it because it’s easy to miss.

8. Do you have an Apple Watch? Calculate tips in a second

Launch the calculator app on your Apple Watch and you can use the built-in tip button. Simply enter an amount and press Point.

You can adjust the tip percentage or the number of people you have to split the amount with. This is very useful when eating out.

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9. Quickly Paste Your Last Digit

So, you have just finished calculating a number. You left the calculator app and are now on another app. You want to quickly paste the last number you calculated, but you don’t want to go back to the calculator to copy it.

Simply swipe up or down on your phone screen. This launches your iPhone’s Control Center, where you’ll see a calculator icon.

Press the calculator button and hold down. We call this doing a “long tap”. You will see the option to copy your last result.

Then you can copy it with a single click. You don’t even have to open the app again. Cool, right?

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