7 low cost, high profit products to sell online in 2022

Now is the perfect time to explore something new and make a profit online! Internet retail growth has been found by Statista to have increased by 40%, reaching over $800 million in sales in 2020 alone, and overall online merchants have grown by 22%.1

This article will introduce several low-cost, high-profit products to see online in 2022, helping sellers select the most profitable products to sell online. We will also provide information you should consider when selecting a high profit margin product.

What is a low cost, high return product?

Profit or net margin is the difference between the cost of an item (including all expenses) and the cost at which you sell it. A product with a high profit margin has a huge net profit after all expenses are included in the sale, yet does not deter the potential customer.

In other words, a product with a low cost and a high profit margin can be bought at a low price and sold at a significantly higher price. For example, that means if you can buy an item or digital product for $4 and sell online for $40, that’s a pretty big return for such a small investment.

There are different meanings behind the terms “low cost” and “high profitability” depending on the company. What one e-commerce business may find cheap may be slightly expensive for another. A large online business with years of profitability under its belt, for example, may consider $60 for a product to be quite reasonable, especially if it can resell that product for $180. A newer, smaller business might be reluctant to commit to spending $60 per item on wholesale e-commerce.

3 Factors to Consider When Selecting a High Profit Margin Product

Most online sellers like to identify current market trends, market demands of chosen products as well as market prices to select high margin niche products.

Market trends

When selecting profitable products, it is crucial to consider current trends. While trends can be volatile, they can also serve as a pathway to high revenue and guide to profitable products. Aligning your online business model with trending products can become the wrong direction, however, ensuring the products you sell stay in demand is always a smart move. A good illustration is a well-balanced mix of designs requested throughout the year and designs based on current trends. There are different ways to find trending products. This can be done by using Google Trends or looking at keyword trends on Alibaba.com.

Market demand

In the process of identifying a high-margin item, carefully examine the response of potential customers. Identify the desire of potential customers to buy the product if they are going to buy the product you are offering and your product is worth spending. To illustrate this, consider that while a $300 cap can yield an extraordinarily high profit, not a single person is likely to be willing to invest in a $300 cap, and not in an online store.

Conversely, suppose the average price of a hoodie in the market is $20. Assuming you decide to retail it for $50, the price is still quite reasonable, and that’s especially true if you boost its appeal by building higher perceived brand value, such as in urban streetwear.

However, discovering the most profitable products for online sales involves researching the type of product you are looking to sell, the price at which the product is currently being sold, and the reasonable margin for you and your customers. Profitability, ultimately, is critical to any e-commerce business.

Product market price

Carefully checking the price your target audience is willing to pay for your niche products is key to setting reasonable prices for your customers. To do this, you can do an initial research on the average price of the product in the specific market where you will be reselling it. Subsequently, you can also generate perceived product value through branding, advertising, marketing, and product design to earn a higher margin. Some platforms provide gross profit margin calculators to help you estimate both your prices and your profit margins.

7 High Margin Products to Sell Online in 2022

We’ve meticulously compiled some of the best products to sell online from leading B2B e-commerce retailers. These are all the best selling products online. If the owners of these online retailers can generate profits from these niche products, surely you can too.

Let’s look at the different types of products you can sell to achieve a high profit margin.

Low cost, high profit products

1. Portable blender

The portable blender has become one of the most popular products online. It is ideal for fitness enthusiasts, as the trend of staying fit continues to gain momentum in 2022. The goal of staying fit is very close to the hearts of consumers, and of course healthy eating is the one of the best ways to achieve this. . Therefore, they must consume natural foods and drinks. Hence, an opportunity to market portable blenders and make a profit.

It is essential to keep in mind that when you promote these portable blenders, you must ensure that they are of good quality because poor quality is not appreciated by the public.

2. LED submersible lights

LED submersible lights are becoming a great feature to install in swimming pools or hot tubs. Since the majority of people have started to spend most of their time at home, the popularity of LED submersible lights has increased dramatically and the demand for these lights is expected to increase further throughout this year.

Therefore, it can be a great product to sell this year, especially with the summer season fast approaching.

3. Cell Phone Lenses

Cell phone lenses are designed to help take better pictures. They come in a wide range of configurations. You should look for those with improved image quality and higher order quantity when you sell them on an e-commerce store. Cell phone lenses have been around for several years and continue to be among the top-selling merchandise in the majority of e-commerce stores. It is great to see that to this day these lenses are still very popular.

Mobile phone lenses have earned a reputation in the mobile phone market. Known for their ability to magnify shot images twice, they allow photographers to capture mesmerizing photos with the touch of a finger.

Cell phone camera technology consistently exceeds expectations. With new advancements in mobile phone cameras, there will also be a greater demand for removable lenses for mobile phones in the future, as more and more people have started to explore mobile phone photography.

4. Posture Corrector

Overall, posture corrector is a great product to sell in any e-commerce store. Designed to support people’s spine helping them to stand straight and tall. It is also a product recommended by several physiotherapists.

Reaching the targeted market that needs posture correction will make your product sell in huge numbers. Individuals have genuinely stepped up when it comes to addressing their posture.

More specifically, since remote working has gained momentum, posture has consequently become very essential, as such, you are expected to observe an increasing online search for this article. This is where you need to optimize your online products through SEO and use various digital marketing and social media promotion techniques to reach your target audience.

5. Garden hoses

The garden hose is a cost-effective product perfectly designed for car washing or garden watering. With a fully adjustable spray gun and available in 25 and 100 meter lengths.

For the past two years, the garden hose in particular has been the top-selling gardening tool. From this year, it is certain to attract a greater number of buyers.

It can be said that the garden hose sells the most during the summer season. Therefore, be sure to invest in it!

6. Permanent laser hair removal machine

Laser permanent hair removal machines are increasingly in demand with a growing trend. They are an exceptional product on the market, certainly with the restrictions imposed on salons throughout the pandemic. The best part is that they come in many cheaper options readily available in the market and are in high demand.

All in all, the trend is constantly on the rise due to the upsurge in pandemics, hence a great product to sell.

7. Winter coats

During the winter season, style and comfort are very important and both men and women like to wear coats during the winter season.

They are ideal for being marketed entrepreneurs who have an online fashion e-commerce store and want to market unique products to increase sales during the season.

Due to their trend, winter coats are great products to add to an online store, hence easier to sell. Therefore, you can use the right marketing strategy like social media ads towards the end of the fall season and during the winter months as they tend to be in high demand in winter.

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1. https://www.statista.com/topics/871/online-shopping/#dossier-chapter1

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