5 hidden features you need to know

The Mac’s Calculator app can convert currencies, perform trigonometry functions, perform binary calculations, and accept reverse polish notation for calculations.

the Mac The Calculator app has five little-known features that can make life a little easier when a basic number calculation needs to be done on an Apple computer. For example, when you’re adding a column of numbers, converting a metric measurement to standard feet and inches, or getting the square root of pi, Mac’s built-in calculator can do it all.

The calculator was one of the first portable computers ever made, a very harmless little device that could last several days on a single battery. Some even included a solar panel that could be recharged via interior light, providing mathematical ease without the need to replace batteries or plug in the calculator. the always present and useful calculator.

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Apple recently highlighted the Mac Calculator app in the App Store, pointing out that it has multiple operating modes, three of which are hidden in the View menu, a little-known Convert menu, and a paper tape option in the menu Window. While the default is a basic calculator with just a few operations, many more are hidden inside. For example, a keyboard shortcut or menu selection switches to a unit converter that makes it easy to change from standard to metric, increase recipes from teaspoons to ounces, or see how much a £50 order costs. in US dollars. There’s also a scientific mode with square root, trigonometry functions, and more. For accounting and record keeping, a paper strip can be displayed by choosing this option from the Window menu. Finally, the programmer mode allows the use of binary, hexadecimal and other number bases. To access the various special modes, open the View menu and choose the desired option.

Why RPN mode is the best

Apple Mac Calculator app RPN mode

The Mac is a powerful and versatile computer, and its Calculator application also has an RPN (reverse polish notation) mode. Also found in the display menu, it will bring back fond memories for anyone who grew up with an HP calculator. This method allows two numbers to be entered before the operator. For example, ’22 7 ÷’ performs the division with the result ‘3.142857.’ It seems odd to enter calculations this way, and takes some getting used to, but the benefit becomes apparent when chaining calculations together without the need for parentheses. Anyone who can twist their brains into this way of thinking loves it.

The Calculator app allows results to be refined by specifying the number of decimal places needed, and the thousands separator can be enabled to help recognize larger numbers more easily. Additionally, Apple allows the use of keyboard shortcuts on the Mac, and rather than clicking the on-screen keyboard, users can use the Mac keyboard for entering numbers and many other operations, making Apple’s Calculator app a versatile tool for basic math and more.

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