11 best graphing calculator apps and emulators for Android

Graphing calculators are important tools for students and academics. They can solve complex equations, show you the graph for additional answers, and do things normal calculators can’t do. Most of us are familiar with popular brands like Texas Instruments, Casio, and HP. You can find many competitors for your Android phone. Here are the best graphing calculator apps for Android.

We would also like to give an honorable mention to HP Prime Pro (Google play). The company chooses to officially sell its keyboard software on mobile devices instead of having you buy hardware. It’s expensive at $ 19.99 and the app needs a cleaning up before we recommend it to anyone.

The best graphing calculator apps for Android

AlmostTI screenshot

AlmostTI is an emulator for Texas Instruments emulators. It can fully emulate TI-84 + (and Silver Edition), TI-83 + (and Silver Edition), TI-73, TI-83, TI-85, TI-86, TI-82 and TI-81 calculators. The app does not come with ROMs for legal reasons, so you have to provide them yourself. Otherwise, it’s as easy as loading the emulator and using the calculator.

The app also has save states so you can continue your work later. It has replaced the venerable AndieGraph in this segment and seems to receive regular updates.

Desmos graphing calculator

Price: To free

Desmos Graphing Calculator is one of the best graphing calculator apps for Android

The Desmos graphing calculator is a reasonably decent calculator. It focuses heavily on the graphical aspect of the process, as opposed to solving complex equations like hardware calculators. The app zooms in for more precise answers and it’s easy to find points of interest like maximum, minimum, and intersection points.

Personally, I have used it in a few math classes in college and my answers were never wrong. These aren’t Texas Instruments’ power levels, but it’s definitely close enough for most things.

Emu48 screenshot

Emu48 is a mobile port of the Windows Emu48 application. It is an emulator for the HP48 graphing calculator. The app works like most emulators in this space. You provide the ROM and the application makes it work. It works for other HP calculators besides the HP48, such as the HP50, HP48G and many more.

It’s a bit like AlmostTI but for HP calculators. Droid48 (google play) was the benchmark for this, but it hasn’t been updated since 2016.

Graphing Calculator Plus 84 83

Price: Free / $ 2.99

Graphing Calculator Plus 84 83

This one has a hilarious name, but luckily it works pretty well. The application allows you to draw various graphs using different types of equations. It claims to work as well as a TI-83 or TI-84 calculator, hence the name. In testing, the app performed very well for the items we plugged in. The process is a little different though, so expect a slight learning curve as you learn where all the buttons are. It’s good enough, although we wish it had a real name.

Graphing Calculator Plus (X84)

Price: Free / $ 3.99

Graphing Calculator Plus (X84) is another calculator that offers TI performance levels but not in a TI package. The developer also claims that it works well for engineering as well as studying math. Some of the features include the theme, support for a wide variety of equations and calculations, support for matrices, and you can even program control commands with other elements.

The UI has the occasional hiccup or hang up. We also recommend that you try the free version first to make sure it works for what you’re doing.

Chart 89

Price: Free / $ 3.75

Screenshot of Chart 89

Graph 89 is an emulator specifically for the TI-89 calculator. According to the standard, the ROM image is not included for legal reasons, so you must provide your own. Other than that, it is a simple yet effective emulator. You insert the ROM and use your phone as a TI-89 calculator. That’s about all he does, so it’s a good thing he’s doing it well enough.

Some people complained about the slow inputs, but for the most part people seemed happy with its performance.

HiPER Scientific Calculator

Price: Free / $ 3.49

HiPER 2020 screenshot

Joe Hindy / Android Authority

HiPER Scientific Calculator is one of the most popular calculator apps that does more than basic addition and subtraction. It has an extensive list of functions, with support for all kinds of things like complex numbers, over 90 physical constants, and converting between 250 units. There is a graphics function, thus completing the task required to be on this list.

Granted, the calculator doesn’t focus on its graphics as much as it does other things, but 3D graphics are pretty cool once you figure out how to use them. This, along with something like Desmos, is a great one-two.

NumWorks graphing calculator

Price: To free

NumWords is an above average graphing calculator. The developers pride themselves on working with educators and developers to improve the calculator for any STEM application. It works pretty well. You will find the usual laundry list of functions, features and other things with support for many different types of calculations.

What sets this one apart, however, is its Python support. You can customize program items in the calculator with Python and therefore do your own equations or calculations. You can also find a good number of existing Python scripts online if you are looking for them. It’s definitely unique, although it doesn’t fit into the traditional idea of ​​a graphing calculator.

Mathlab graphing calculator

Price: Free / $ 9.99

Mathlab Graphic Calculator is a good resource for high school and middle school students. It has a strong focus on the mathematics taught at these educational levels. Like most, there is a huge list of functions available, as well as support for binary, octal, and hexadecimal numbers. The graphical side of things is also quite robust when you take into consideration its target demographic.

The pro version has 3D graphics, which are still fun, but the free version has all the other features. It’s certainly good enough to replace a TI calculator most of the time.

Scientific Calculator 36 Plus

Price: Free / $ 1.99

Screenshot of the 36 Plus Scientific Calculator

Scientific Calculator 36 Plus is another application with a vague name but good functionality. Unlike most, this app has a decent tutorial system so you can learn how to use it without looking for any documentation. It closely emulates the TI-36X Pro, so those who are familiar with it should be able to use this application fairly quickly.

Also, like HiPER, this app focuses a bit more on the scientific calculator part than graphing, but graphs are available if you need them.

Wabbitemu is one of the best calculator apps for Android

Wabbitemu is another emulator for TI calculators. It supports basically the same calculators as AlmostTI above, so check out this paragraph for the full list. Again, this does not come with ROMs for legal reasons. Otherwise, it works as expected for the most part. You load your ROM and use the calculator. It can even import coded apps for TI calculators, which is a nice bonus.

It has its moments, but it also hasn’t seen an update since 2018, so there are older bugs for some people.

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